Felix Raimundo: Genomics crash course

Where/when: Thomas Flowers, 2018/11/14 2pm-3pm.
Who: Felix Raimundo, PhD student with Pr. Diao and Dr. Abhyankar on genomics.
Abstract: Genomics, Precision medicine, personalized sequencing; a bunch of
buzzwords you may have seen in a lot in grant applications,”Further studies”
sections, and the news.
In this short talk we will try to demystify these terms and give you a brief
understanding of them.
We will explain:
– What’s in a cell.
– The central dogma of biology.
– DNA/RNA sequencing.
– Exome vs Genome.
– Gene regulation.
– Cancers (it is known that all talks must mention cancer).
This will also be the occasion to do a small dive into variant discovery, the
field that Felix has been working on the past year.

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