Conferences, Workshops and Schools

EMRSIM 2022 : Simulation and Optimization for Marine Renewable Energy

  • The international conference EMRSim 2022 will take from May 30 to June 2 2022 in Roscoff (France).
  • The aim of EMRSim is to promote exchanges between researchers in scientific computing and mechanics and industrialists specializing in marine renewable energy.  The covered topics will be related to the simulation and numerical optimization of marine energy extraction devices such as tidal turbines, offshore wind turbines or wave-engine systems.
  • Call for contribution is open. Proposition of talks are welcome by sending an abstract (800 characters max) to EMRSim22 Organisation Committee before April 15 2022.
  • visit

Calisto Workshop on microplastics in the atmosphere (November 22th 2021)

Mobility, self-organization and swimming strategies Fall School

Calisto is involved in the Fall School on   « Mobility, self-organization and swimming strategies »   18-29 Oct 2021 Nice and Fréjus (France),   open to all PhD students, post-doctoral and permanent researchers interested in mobile active matter and wishing to get involved in a collaborative work in one of the following topics :

  • Swimming into complex environment – micro-swimming
  • Collective motion
  • Machine learning applied to active particles


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