• Spreading factors and social distancing

The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a large number of scientific studies that resorted to numerical simulations of droplet dispersion in order to design social distancing measures (e.g. a minimal distance between two individuals). The project Spreading_Factors aims at setting up a methodology to help quantify the relative importance between the input physical parameters and their impact on droplet dispersion as well as to quantify uncertainties on the output results. Christophe Henry, researcher (Calisto team) and project leader, presents a brief outline of the project


To learn more on this subject see also Christophe Henry, Kerlyns Martinez-Rodriguez, Mireille Bossy, Hervé Guillard, Nicolas Rutard, et al.. Social Distancing: The Sensitivity of Numerical Simulations. ERCIM News, ERCIM, 2021, Special theme: Pandemic Modelling and Simulation, 2021 (124). ⟨hal-03041624⟩

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