New Master 2 internship offer: “Towards Large-Scale Evaluation Protocols for the Visually Impaired”

Subject: Towards Large-Scale Evaluation Protocols for the Visually Impaired
Supervisors: Pierre Kornprobst (Biovision project-team), Jean-Charle Régin (Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis and I3S, CNRS), and Aurelie Calabrese (Biovision project-team)
Abstract: This Master 2 internship is about developing methods for diagnosing visual pathologies. The candidate will focus on pushing ahead current methods for natural language production and model an automated sentence generator working under strict constraints, a task still considered challenging in the field of natural language processing.
For more information: Download PDF (3Mb)
Highlight: Funding opportunity for a 4-year Ph.D. including 6 months abroad in the US.
To apply: send us a message with your CV and transcript of record. We will get back to you shortly.

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