New Master 2 internship offer: “Algorithms for a new packing problem: Towards Reading Accessible Newspapers”

Subject: Algorithms for a new packing problem: Towards Reading Accessible Newspapers
Supervisors: Dorian Mazauric (ABS project-team) and Pierre Kornprobst (Biovision project-team)
Abstract: From the numerous daily activities affected by low vision, reading is most strongly impacted. In particular, newspapers pose a unique accessibility challenge. We foresee an original approach to generate more accessible newspaper design automatically. The core of this approach is a new kind of packing problem, which will be the focus of this internship. The missions of the Master 2 internship will be to study the complexity of the problem, develop and analyze efficient algorithms for this new packing problem, and finally implement them to test the efficiency of the approach.
For more information: Download PDF (63Kb)
To apply: send us a message with your CV and transcript of record. We will get back to you shortly.

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