Visits and Events

2017 Workshops

Meeting in Boston (November 20-22)

  • Workshop program
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  • Topics to Discuss:
    • Christian Barillot
      • Neurofeedback & Hemisfer project on EEG/fMRI reconstruction
      • New results from Lorraine’s PhD
    • Olivier Commowick
      • Results of the MS segmentation challenge from last year
      • Discussion on evaluation of diffusion images registration
      • Longitudinal atlas creation for pediatric atlas creation
    • Simon Warfield and Benoit Scherrer:
      • Registration capabilities
    • Plan what to do after the associate team is finished (in terms of grant submissions, Inria associate lab, etc.) in order to continue collaboration

Meeting in Rennes (June 12-14)

  • Monday June 12th: Renaud Hedouin PhD defense
  • Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th:
    • Joint Visages/Barbant “séminaire au vert”
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2016 Workshops

Meeting in Boston (November 15-18)

  • Minutes of the joint workshop (private)

    Wednesday, November 16th

    • 9.30am  Welcome & Breakfast.  
    • 10am-11.00am AU520 – Debriefing Barbant. Where are we at? Where are we going?
    • 11.00am-12.30am  AU520 – Relaxometry (20min+10min)
    •  12.30am-2.00pm Lunch
    • 2.00pm-4.00pm LC5231 – Diffusion-weighted imaging (20min+10min)
    • 4.00pm- LC5231 – Discussion & work

    Thursday, November 17th

    • 9.30am LC5230 – Free discussions, breakfast
    • 10am-11.00am LC5230 – Segmentation
    • 11am-12am CLS12 – Harvard Longwood Epilepsy Grand Rounds
    • 12.00am-1.30pm Lunch Break
    • 1.30pm-3.00pm
      • Analysis and Modeling of the Cortical Surface and the Axon Underlying Architecture
      • fMRI in MS
    • 3.00pm-5pm : MICCAI segmentation challenge – feedback

    Friday, November 18th

    • 9.30am – Free discussions, breakfast
    • 10am-12.30am – Grant Writing
    • 12.30am-3pm – Lunch – Workshop Debriefing

Meeting in Rennes (June 8-10)

Wednesday 8th : Quantitative imaging day

Morning: pediatric and quantitative imaging

    • 10h – 10h30: Pediatric ASL brain perfusion: ROI-based statistics and atlasing (A. Carsin and A. Legouhy, RENNES)
    • 10h30 – 11h: Quantitative imaging in multiple sclerosis: study of CIS patients (O. Commowick, Rennes)
    • 11h – 11h30: MS Lesion Characterization: A multi-compartment T2 Relaxometry Approach (S. Chatterjee, Rennes-Boston)
    • 11h30 – 12h15: Discussion

Afternoon: diffusion imaging

    • 14h – 14h30: Diffusion modeling and histological validation (B. Scherrer)
    • 14h30 – 15h: SUDEP – ex vivo structural and diffusion imaging (S. Warfield)
    • 15h – 15h30: Presentation from M. Paquette (U. Sherbrooke)
    • 16h – 16h30: Distortion correction and MCM registration: an update (O. Commowick)
    • 16h30 – 17h: Predicting the diffusion signal: how general can we do? (E. Caruyer)
    • 17h – 17h30: Discussion / planning next workshop in Boston

Thursday, June 9 : « Séminaire au Vert », Mont-St Michel, Day 1

  • 10:00 Imaging after traumatic brain injury (-Y. Gauvrit)
    • Major impact with elderly population
    • Big issues to image the pathology in emergency situation
  • 11:00-13:00 Session 1
    • Diffusion compartment imaging (DCI): a new insight into mild traumatic brain injury ( Scherrer)
    • FLI (France Life Imaging at VisAGeS) (Christian & Michael)
    • PhD in France and abroad ( Warfield, C. Barillot)
  • 14:30-15:30: Keynote on Multiple Sclerosis ( Edan)
  • 16:00-20:00 Afternoon: local visit
  • 20:00: Dinner

Friday, June 10 : « Séminaire au Vert », Mont-St Michel, Day 2

  • 10:00-11:00: Sessions 1
    • Null hypothesis significance testing in the storm: knowing the flaws to avoid bad practices ( Combès)
    • Quantifying brain structural connectivity ( Paquette, Univ. Sherbrook)
  • 11:00-12:00: Session 2
    • The EMISEP Project ( Bannier, A. Kerbrat)
    • 180 sec presentations (P-Y. Jonin, L. Perronnet)
  • 14:00-15:00: Session 3
    • 180 sec presentations [ Meurée, H. Deshpande]
    • Collaborative software development ( Leray, O. Commowick, A. Morawin, R.-P. Debroize)
  • 15:00-15:30: 180 sec presentations [ Kerbrat, H. Snoussi, S. Chatterjee]
  • 16:30: End of the meeting, return to Rennes

2015 Workshops

Meeting in Boston (November 23-26)

Preliminary Program:

  • Monday, November 23rd – 333 Longwood LO-03
    • Debriefing Barbant.
    • Brain connectivity
    • Segmentation of Lesions and tuber segmentation
    • Evaluation of segmentations
     Tuesday, November 24th – 333 Longwood LO-031
    • Strategies for artifact detection and compensation
    • Diffusion Compartment Imaging

    Wednesday, November 25th – 333 Longwood LO-031

    • Clinical applications
    • Diffusion Imaging and Relaxometry.

Meeting in Rennes (June 17-20)

Wednesday 17th

  • Relaxometry topics
  • Myelin mapping and cortical lesion detection
  • Discussion on opportunities in spine imaging
  • DIAMOND imaging of the Wallerian degeneration in the rat spinal coord & histological validation
  • brain microstructure in diffusion

Thursday 18th 

  • « Image processing»:
    • « Trend in medical imaging, methods and applications » : Emmanuel Caruyer
    • « All you ever wanted to know about Machine Learning »: Pierre Maurel
    • «  Optmisation methods, nlopt library» : Olivier, Benoit

Friday 19th

  • « MRI and methodological developments »
    • « Real-time fMRI: first experiments » : Marsel Mano, Lorraine Perronnet
    • « MR Artifacts » : Onur Afacan, Elise Bannier
  •  «  MR applications» (1h30)
    • « Imaging neonates, challenges in medical image processing» : Maia Proisy
    • « Neurofeedback for applications in rehabilitation » : Isabelle Bonan
    • « Neuropsychology, memory and fMRI» : Pierre-Yves Jonin
  •  « Data collection and statistical analysis », Aymeric Stamm

2014 Workshops

Meeting in Boston (4-7 November)

Meeting in Rennes (11-13 June)

  • Participation to VisAGeS team annual scientific retreat
  • Presentation of activity updates on diffusion MRI from both sides
  • Discussion and updates on multiple sclerosis related topics: lesion detection, features learning
  • Update on shared relaxometry topics: combined estimation and acquisition improvements
  • Preparation of 2014 Boston meeting in December

2013 Workshops

Meeting in Boston (4-6 December)

  • Status report on DMRI diffusion correction (R. Hedouin)
  • Status report on dMRI multi-compartment model selection (A. Stamm, M. Taquet)
  • Status report on dMRI multi-fiber modeling with DDI and DIAMOND (A. Stamm, B. Scherrer)
  • Status report on MS and machine learning (Y. Karpate)

Meeting in Rennes (10-12 June)

  • Participation to VisAGeS team annual scientific retreat
  • Presentation of activity updates on diffusion MRI from both sides: multi-tensor estimation from single shell data, model averaging or selection strategies, registration…
  • Discussion and updates on two ongoing internships related to the associate team project: automatic detection of focal cortical dysplasia from DIR images, distortion correction in EPI images
  • Update on shared topics and mutualization of data to compare approaches
  • Preparation of 2013 Boston meeting in December

2012 Workshops

Meeting in Boston  (19-20 November)

  • Discussion and presentation of activities on EEG, specific diffusion imaging and neonatal imaging acquisitions, developments on image and MS lesions segmentation.
  • Starting short-term and longer-term collaborations: internships on diffusion imaging, comparison of diffusion models
  • Preparation of 2013 meetings

Meeting in Rennes (26-28 September)

  • Discussion and presentation of activities on diffusion MRI, presentation of the Diffusion Direction Imaging model and comparison with respect to multi-tensor model and multi-shell diffusion.
  • Set up of a milestone on comparative multi-site studies on both MR systems at Boston and Rennes
  • Discussion and presentation of activities on Multiple Sclerosis, with definition of short term and long term milestones (segmentation of lesions, characterization of NAWM tissue including Diffusion MRI, MTR and relaxometry)
  • Discussion on robust group comparison approaches for diffusion MRI in the two teams and on collaborations on these aspects
  • Preparation of 2012 Boston meeting in November

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