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Sylvain Merlet PhD Defense

September 11, 2013 Sylvain Merlet defends his PhD on “Compressive sensing in diffusion MRI”. Supervisor Rachid Deriche. Jury members : R. Verma (UPenn, Reviewer), C. Barillot (Visages team, Inria Rennes, Reviewer), N.Paragios (ECP, Paris), M. Descoteaux (University of Sherbrooke, CA), L. Blanc-Feraud (Morpheme team, Inria Sophia) and R. Deriche (Thesis Director, Athena team, Inria Sophia).

Emmanuel Caruyer PhD Defense

July 18, 2012 Emmanuel Caruyer defends his PhD on  “Q-space Diffusion MRI: Acquisition and Signal Processing”. Supervisor Rachid Deriche.

Joan Fruitet PhD Defense

July 4, 2012 Joan Fruitet defends his PhD on “Brain Computer Interfaces based on brief motor imagery: contributions to brain-controlled buttons”. Supervisor Maureen Clerc.

Jian Cheng PhD Defense

May 30, 2012 Jian CHENG defended his PhD on “Estimation and Processing of Ensemble Average Propagator and Its Features in Diffusion MRI”  co-supervized with Liama/Casia  Beijing, Chine. Supervisors  R. Deriche and T. Jiang

Visitors 2011-2012

• Professor D. Cherifi (University of Boumerdes, Alger) partnership STIC-Algérie. • Gozde Unal PhD and Ali Demir University of Sabanci, Istanbul,Turquie partnership Hubert Curien project BOSPHORE «Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes ». • Christophe Lenglet Assistant Professor at the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, Department of Radiology and Institute for Translational Neuroscience Scholar. Partnership …

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Reviewer Award

Théo Papadopoulo was awarded for his outstanding reviews at ICCV 2011 (November 6-12, 2011, Barcelona, Spain).

Keynote Lecture

Rachid Deriche was one of the keynote lecturers at the « l’école d’été en Imagerie et Vision » organised by “le Centre des Techniques Avancées” (June 26-30, 2011, Alger, Algeria)

Rachid Deriche

Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award for the article Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space Based Approach co-authored with L. Alvarez, J. Sanchez & J. Weickert ( 14 June, 2011 – Nara Centennial Hall – Nara, Japan- 12th IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications).

The Athena EEG Laboratory

received the agreement from Agence Régionale de Santé PACA to conduct biomedical research for the period from 2011 to 2015.