Team members

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Team Assistant


Postdoctoral Fellow:

Ph.D. Students

  • Ahmed Blidia (Inria – Arcades) (since September 2016)
  • Alvaro Fuentes-Suarez (Inria-Arcades) (since October 2016)
  • Jouhayna Harmouch (Inria – joint-Phd with Lebanese University) (since Jan. 2016)
  • Rima Khouja (Inria – joint-Phd with Lebanese University) (since October 2018)
  • Erick Rodriguez Bazan (Inria – Cordi-S) (since November 2017)
  • Fatmanur Yildirim (Inria-Arcades) (since October 2016)
  • Vangelis Anagnostopoulos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, LAMBDA) (since May 2016)
  • Vangelis Bartzos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, ARCADES) (since May 2016)
  • Emmanouil Christoforou (since Mar. 2018, Infrastructure project, Greek government)
  • Apostolos Chalkis (since May 2018, Greek government)
  • Clement Laroche (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, ARCADES) (since October 2016)
  • Ioannis Psarros (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greek government Scholarship) (since May 2015)

Invited PhD students

  • Yairon Cid Ruiz (Univ. Barcelone) (Sept.17-March 2018)
  • Konstantinos Gavriil (TU Wien) (March-April 2018)

Interns and other status

  • Emmanouil Christoforou (relai pré-thèse, Sept. 2017-Feb. 2018)
  • Christina Katsamaki (University of Athens, June-Aug.18)
  • Rima Khouja (Lebanese Universitiy, April-July 18)
  • Kim Perriguey (relais pré-thèse, Dec.17-May 18)

External Collaborators

Past members

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