We develop or contribute to the following software:

C++ Packages

Some of these packages are collected at

  • Axl: Algebraic-geometric modeler.
  • geoalgebrix package for algebraic curves and surfaces.
  • ASurfExt, a C++ library for extracting algebraic geometric primitives.
  • Skelton: a C++ library for skeleton based modeling with anisotropic convolution surfaces 
and scaffolding
  • IQM, a library for fast approximate clustering.
  • VolEsti, a C++ library for volume approximation and sampling of convex bodies (e.g. polytopes) with an R interface.

We also contribute to some of the packages of Mathemagix, a free computer algebra system for symbolic and numeric computation. These include:

  • borderbasix, a package for computing border basis and for solving zero-dimensional systems.
  • realroot, a package for the isolation and approximation of real roots of polynomials.
  • shape, a package to compute with shapes represented by semi-algebraic models, including point sets, meshes, parametric curves and surfaces, implicit curves and surfaces

Macaulay2 package

  • EliminationMatrices : a package for elimination theory with a focus on universal formulas, in particular resultant computations.

Maple package

  • Multires: a package for resultant computation.

Julia packages
These packages are collected at AlgebraicGeometricModeling.

  • TensorDec, a package for tensor and series decomposition.
  • AlgebraicSolvers, a package for solving multivariate polynomial systems.
  • SemiAlgebraicTypes, a package for geometric modeling with semi-algebraic types.
  • GSplines, a package for geometrically continuous splines.
  • Axl.jl, a package for the visualization with Axl in Julia.

Python package

  • DolphinnPy, a package for nearest neighbors in high dimension.

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