Workshop: non-hydrostatic effects in oceanography

One year after the previous workshop entitled “an overview on free-surface flows“, this edition will be dedicated to the modelling and the numerical simulation of dispersive water flows. Non-hydrostatic terms must indeed be taken into account in several situations to better represent the behaviour of water especially in oceans. A state-of-the art will be provided through two minicourses and contributed talks.

Practical information:



  • Minicourse “Modelling non-hydrostatic effects in free surface flows”: David Lannes (University of Bordeaux)
  • Invited speaker: Arnaud Duran (University Lyon 1)
  • Selected talks: K. Benyo, E. Bocchi, V. Dubos, C. Escalante Sanchez, B. Haspot, T. Morales de Luna, M. Parisot, R. Rodriguez Galvan
  • Programme





  • CNRS (project PICS 07701: Accurate numerical methods for free-surface flows)
  • IMUS
  • Dpto. Matemática Aplicada I, Universidad de Sevilla
  • Spanish Government and FEDER (research project MTM2015-70490-C2-2-R)


Organising committee:

  • Enrique Fernandez-Nieto (Univ. Sevilla)
  • Yohan Penel (CEREMA)
  • Jacques Sainte-Marie (CEREMA)

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