Workshop: an overview on free surface flows



  • Marsha Berger (New York University, USA): Modeling and simulation of asteroid-generated tsunamis
  • Philippe Bonneton (Bordeaux, France): Tsunami-like bore formation in coastal and estuarine environments (PDF)
  • Manuel Castro-Díaz (Málaga, Spain): Landslide generated tsunamis on shallow-flows: modelling and validation (PDF)
  • Laurent Debreu (Inria Grenoble, France): Open challenges in 3D numerical ocean modelling (PDF)
  • Vladimir Zeitlin (ENS Paris, France): Convective rotating shallow water models: a low-cost tool for understanding large-scale diabatic phenomena in the atmosphere (PDF)

Poster session:

  • Do Minh Hieu (Univ. Paris 13, France): Analysis of midifed Godunov schemes for the two-dimensional linear with equation with Coriolis source term on cartesian meshes
  • Enrique D. Fernandez-Nieto (Univ. Sevilla, Spain): A mu(I)-multilayer model for dry granular avalanches with side wall friction : comparison with shallow flow models
  • Elena Gaburro (Univ. Trento, Italy): Well-balanced tow-phase method for complex free-surface flows
  • Xavier Lhebrard (UPMC, France): Nonlinear stability of a finite volume scheme for the shallow water MHD model
  • Tomas Morales de Luna (Univ. Cordoba, Spain) : non-hydrostatic pressure shallow flows : an implementation in 2D domains using finite volume and finite difference scheme
  • Gladys Narbona-Reina (Univ. Sevilla, Spain): Bedload sediment transport modelling through a bilayer Saint-Venant system

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