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Martin Parisot

Young Graduate Researcher Inria

Professional activities

Young researcher of the ANGE team (INRIA, CEREMA, Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6 and CNRS)
Others: Member of the doctoral follow-up committee (CSD) Inria Paris, Organizer of the seminar of the team ANGE, Co-organizer of the actuality web page of the LJLL, Sponsor training for the Enseirb-Matmeca formation


  • At Paris Inria center
    Inria-Paris, Team ANGE, Office A308,
    2 rue Simone Iff – CS 42112
    75589 Paris Cedex 12, FRANCE
    Phone: +33 (0) 1 80 49 42 70
    E-mail: martin.parisot _at_
  • At J.-L. Lions Laboratory (UPMC – Paris 6)
    Corridor 16-26
    Office 327 (3rd floor)

Scientific interest

  • Mathematical modelling
    Layerwise discretization
    Dispersive model
    Congested hyperbolic model
  • PDE Analysis
    Hyperbolic system
  • Numerical Analysis
    Entropy-satisfying scheme
    Implicit-Explicit scheme
    Asymptotic preserving scheme
    Coupling and adaptive scheme



ANR Hyflo-Eflu: with A. Guillou-Camargo, J. Ledoux, J. Salomon and J. Sainte-Marie (from September 2016)
           Simulation, analysis and optimization of floating water turbine.
ANR Sediflo: with E. Audusse, S. Boyaval, A. Caboussat and Anaël Lemaître (from October 2015), anciennement TELLUS Moset.
           Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of non-cohesive sediment transport in rivers.
LEFE Mocha: with S. Barthélémy, N. Goutal and S. Ricci (Summer 2016), anciennement PEPS Mocha.
           Lateral coupling between section-averaged and 2D Shallow-Water models.


PhD Thesis

  • Nelly Boulos El Makary: with N. Aguillon and E. Audusse. (from October 2018)
               Aquifer modeling based on the layerwise strategy.
  • Léa Boittin: with E. Audusse and J. Sainte-Marie (January 2016 – April 2019)
               Modeling, analysis and numerical approximation for sediment transport. | abstract
  • Fabien Wahl: with E. Godlewski, C. Guichard and J. Sainte-Marie (October 2015 – December 2018)
               Modeling and analysis of interactions between free surface flows and floating structure. | manuscript
  • Internship

  • Nelly Boulos El Makary: with N. Aguillon and E. Audusse. (summer 2018)
               Correction of the vertical exchange for the layerwise shallow water model.
  • Noor Ben Jebria: with N. Goutal, M. Huang Le and S. Ricci. (summer 2018)
               Couplage multi-dimensionnel en hydraulique, application sur le cas test de la rivière Garonne.
  • Monica Filonovich: with S. Barthélémy, N. Goutal and S. Ricci (summer 2016)
               Lateral coupling between section-averaged and 2D Shallow-Water models.
  • Hugo Martin: with C. Guichard and J. Sainte-Marie (summer 2015)
               Modeling and numerical approximation of floating structure.
  • Teaching

    Numerical methods for engineers at Polytech’Lille (2009), at Polytech’UPMC (From 2017)
    Functional analysis at University Lille 1 (2010), at Polytech’UPMC (2015-2017)


    Computers and Fluids, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Hydrological Processes, Journal of Computational Physics, Journal of Hydraulics Research, Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet

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