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Martin Parisot

Young Graduate Researcher Inria

Professional activities

Young researcher of the ANGE team (INRIA, CEREMA, Université Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 6 and CNRS)
Others: Member of the doctoral follow-up committee (CSD) Inria Paris, Organizer of the seminar of the team ANGE, Co-organizer of the actuality web page of the LJLL, Sponsor training for the Enseirb-Matmeca formation


  • At Paris Inria center
    Inria-Paris, Team ANGE, Office A308,
    2 rue Simone Iff – CS 42112
    75589 Paris Cedex 12, FRANCE
    Phone: +33 (0) 1 80 49 42 70
    E-mail: martin.parisot _at_
  • At J.-L. Lions Laboratory (UPMC – Paris 6)
    Corridor 16-26
    Office 327 (3rd floor)

Scientific interest

  • Mathematical modelling
    Layerwise discretization
    Dispersive model
    Congested hyperbolic model
  • PDE Analysis
    Hyperbolic system
  • Numerical Analysis
    Entropy-satisfying scheme
    Implicit-Explicit scheme
    Asymptotic preserving scheme
    Coupling and adaptive scheme



ANR Hyflo-Eflu: with A. Guillou-Camargo, J. Ledoux, J. Salomon and J. Sainte-Marie (from September 2016)
           Simulation, analysis and optimization of floating water turbine.
ANR Sediflo: with E. Audusse, S. Boyaval, A. Caboussat and Anaël Lemaître (from October 2015), anciennement TELLUS Moset.
           Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of non-cohesive sediment transport in rivers.
LEFE Mocha: with S. Barthélémy, N. Goutal and S. Ricci (Summer 2016), anciennement PEPS Mocha.
           Lateral coupling between section-averaged and 2D Shallow-Water models.


PhD Thesis

  • Léa Boittin: with E. Audusse and J. Sainte-Marie (from January 2016)
               Modeling, analysis and numerical approximation for sediment transport. | abstract
  • Fabien Wahl: with E. Godlewski, C. Guichard and J. Sainte-Marie (from October 2015)
               Modeling and analysis of interactions between free surface flows and floating structure. | abstract
  • Internship

  • Nelly Boulos El Makary: with N. Aguillon and E. Audusse. (summer 2018)
               Correction of the vertical exchange for the layerwise shallow water model.
  • Noor Ben Jebria: with N. Goutal, M. Huang Le and S. Ricci. (summer 2018)
               Couplage multi-dimensionnel en hydraulique, application sur le cas test de la rivière Garonne.
  • Monica Filonovich: with S. Barthélémy, N. Goutal and S. Ricci (summer 2016)
               Lateral coupling between section-averaged and 2D Shallow-Water models.
  • Hugo Martin: with C. Guichard and J. Sainte-Marie (summer 2015)
               Modeling and numerical approximation of floating structure.
  • Teaching

    Functional analysis at University Lille 1 (2010), at Polytech’UPMC (2015-2017)
    Numerical methods for engineers at Polytech’Lille (2009), at Polytech’UPMC (From 2017)


    Computers and Fluids, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Hydrological Processes, Journal of Computational Physics, Journal of Hydraulics Research, Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet

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