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[Internship/PhD] Algorithmic aspects of RNA locally optimal structures

Scientific context. RiboNucleic Acids (RNAs) are single-stranded macromolecules which can be crudely described as sequences of length ranging from 20 to 3 000 letters, over the four-letters alphabet {A,C,G,U}. Due to its single-stranded nature, any synthesized RNA molecule undergoes a folding process, in which connections, also known as base-pairs mediated by hydrogen bonds, are established …

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[PhD] Ab-Initio Classification And Detection Of Non-Coding RNAs From Thermodynamics Principles

Biological context. Once overlooked by a protein-centric view of cellular mechanisms, noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs) have recently been found to play many unsuspected roles (Regulation, self-maturation, genome defense. . . ), either alone or through a complex with a protein. The action of ncRNAs has also been associated with diseases such as cancer (Lu et al., …

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[PhD] Towards quantitative modeling of cell metabolism and its control by external environment

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