2nd RNALands meeting in Vienna

The second meeting of the RNALands project took place at the TBI Vienna on the 5-6th of Nov 2015.


  • Thursday, Nov. 5th
    •   10:00 Welcome address + Morning session
      Gregor Entzian – Introduction + Local flooding
      Maria Waldl – Data collection + Format
      Andrea Tanzer – RNA editing site: A case study
    •   12:00 Lunch
    •   14:00 Afternoor session
      Alain Denise – Frameshift and kinetics
      Ronny Lorenz & Yann Ponty – Iterated 2D projections + Clustering
      Loic Paulevé – Sliding windows + Exact integration
      Hélène Touzet & Yann Ponty – Counting and sampling locally optimal (?) structures
    •   18:00 Free discussions + Departure for restaurant (probably Wickerl)
  • Friday, Nov. 5th
    Various discussions in smaller groups

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