Team members

Team leader

  • Benoît Sagot (DR2 Inria, PRAIRIE chair, scientific leader) [Language resource development, neural language models, POS tagging, parsing, computational morphology, computational historical linguistics]

Administrative assistant

Permanent members

  • Rachel Bawden (CR Inria) [machine translation]
  • Laurent Romary (DR2 Inria, deputy leader) [linguistic data models, lexical resources, information extraction, digital humanities]
  • Djamé Seddah (Ass. Prof. Paris-Sorbonne, in secondment [détachement] at Inria) [statistical parsing of non canonical and morphologically-rich languages, data driven syntax to semantic interfaces, Context-aware parsing, ..].
  • Éric Villemonte de La Clergerie (CR hors classe Inria, deputy leader) [(symbolic and statistical) parsing; grammar engineering; information extraction; knowledge acquisition; interactions between context, knowledge and language; cognitive aspects of language]

PhD students

  • Robin Algayres (in collaboration with CoML, Dir. Emmanuel Dupoux, contrat doctoral @ENS/ED3C) [Unsupervised Automatic Speech Recognition in low ressource conditions]
  • Jack Bowers (Dir. LR, contrat doctoral @EPHE) [Corpus and lexicon for Mixtec, TEI]
  • Clémentine Fourrier (Dir. BS, contrat doctoral Inria @PEHE) [neural architecture development, computational historical linguistics]
  • Loïc Grobol (in collaboration with LATTICE, Dir. Isabelle Tellier, co-supervisor EVdLC, LabEx EFL grant) [coreference resolution]
  • Axel Herold (Dir. LR, contrat doctoral @EPHE) [Extraction of etymological information from digital dictionaries]
  • Mohamed Khemakhem (Dir. LR, contrat doctoral @EDMC) Automatic extraction of lexical content and structure from digitized legacy dictionaries
  • Louis Martin (CIFRE PhD thesis in collaboration with Facebook/FAIR Paris, Dir. BS & EVdLC, simplification automatique de textes)
  • Benjamin Muller (Pre-doc, ANR Parsiti & SoSweet, Dir. DS & BS, NLP for social media texts)
  • Pedro J. Ortiz Suárez (Dir. LR & BS, ANR BASNUM, NLP and IE from 17th century encyclopedia)
  • Mathilde Regnault (in collaboration with LATTICE, Dir. Sophie Prévost, co-supervisor EVdLC, ANR Profiterole) [Medieval French processing]
  • Jean-Baptiste Rémy (Dir. BS, contrat doctoral @École Polytechnique, frugal deep learning for NLP)
  • José Carlos Rosales Núñez (Dir. Guillaume Wisniewksi & DS, ANR ParSiTi) [machine translation for user-generated content]
  • Lionel Tadonfouet (in collaboration with Orange, Dir. LR & EVDLC)

Post-docs and engineers

  • Alix Chagué (DAHN) [Digital humanities, computational archival sciences]
  • Floriane Chiffoleau (DAHN) [Digital humanities, digital edition of historical manuscripts]
  • Tanti Kristanti (H2020 HIRMEOS) [entity fishing for scholarly literature in the humanities]
  • Arij Riabi (PRAIRIE) [NLP for low-resource, non-standardised language varieties, especially North-African dialectal Arabic written in Latin script]
  • Yves Tadjo (DAHN) [Digital humanities]
  • Lucas Terriel (DAHN) [Digital humanities]

Interns and apprentices

  • Damien Biabiany
  • Quentin Burthier (PRAIRIE) [Automatic processing of noisy texts]
  • Matthieu Futeral

Former members

Permanent researcher

  • Pierre Boullier (was DR1 Inria, emeritus) [formal grammars, parsing algorithms, parsing systems]

Temporary invited academics [délégation]

  • Kim Gerdes (Ass. Prof. Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) [treebanking, formal linguistics]

Post-docs and engineers

  • Yoann Dupont (ANR PARSE-ME, Université d’Orléans) [multi-word expressions and parsing]
  • Farah Essaïdi (ANR SoSweet) [Annotated resources for Algerian dialectal Arabic on social networks]
  • Murielle Fabre (ANR-NSF MCM-NL) [computational neurolinguistics and NLP]
  • Gaël Guibon (ANR Profiterole) [Lexical resources for Old and Middle French, models of phonetic and lexical evolution]
  • Lionel Tadonfouet (H2020 PARTHENOS) [Front-end development for the Standardisation Survival Kit in Parthenos’s WP4]
  • Clémentine Fourrier (SED) [neural architecture development, computational historical linguistics]
  • Achraf Azhar (H2020 DESIR) [Data mining and information extraction methods for scholarly content: GROBID, entity fishing]
  • Ganesh Jawahar (ANR SoSweet) [NLP for social media texts (tweets)]
  • Alba Marina Malaga Sabogal (PIA Opaline) [Extraction, structuration and visualisation of textual content from books]
  • Ilya Markov (collaboration with Bluenove) [analysis of online political debates]
  • Charles Riondet (H2020 Parthenos, H2020 EHRI) [WW2 History, Digital Humanities, Standardisation, Archival science]
  • Dorian Seillier (H2020 Parthenos) [Digital Humanities, Information Architecture, UX Design]
  • Luca Foppiano (H2020 EHRI, H2020 IPERION) [Data mining and information extraction methods for scholarly content]
  • Marie Puren (H2020 Parthenos, H2020 IPERION) [Digital Humanities, digital edition, contemporary history, French literature]
  • Héctor Martínez Alonso (post-doc RAPID VerDI) [Semantic analysis, omission detection]
  • Elias Benaissa (ANR Parsiti & H2020 PARTHENOS) [Linguistic annotation]
  • Wigdan Mekki (ANR Parsiti & H2020 PARTHENOS) [Linguistic annotation]
  • Émilia Verzeni (ANR Parsiti & H2020 PARTHENOS) [Linguistic annotation]


  • Hafida Le Cloarec
  • Abhishek Srivastava
  • Marie-Laurence Bonhomme
  • Alix Chagué
  • Amal Fethi
  • Pedro Ortiz
  • Raphaël Avoustin
  • Siham Feredj
  • Florian Gouret
  • Yann-Alan Pilatte
  • Maram Romdhane
  • Roua Torjmen
  • Julie Tytgat

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