National ANR-funded projects

ANR BASNUM (2018-2021). PI: Geoffrey Williams. Local head: L. Romary. Other partners: Université de Bretagne Sud, Université Grenoble Alpes, LaTTICe. Topic: digitalisation and computational annotation and exploitation of Henri Basnage de Beauval’s encyclopedic dictionary (1701)

ANR ParSiTi (2016-2021). PI: D. Seddah. Other partners: LIMSI, LIPN. Topic: context-aware parsing and machine translation of user-generated content

ANR SoSweet (2015-2019). PI: J.-P. Magué. Local head: D. Seddah. Other partners: ICAR (ENS Lyon, CRNS), Dante (Inria). Topic: studying sociolinguistic variability on Twitter, comparing linguistic and graph-based views on tweets

ANR PARSE-ME (2015-2020). PI: M. Constant (ATILF). ALMAnaCH members are associated with Paris-Diderot’s LLF for this project. Topic: multi-word expressions in parsing

ANR Profiterole (2016-2020). PI: Sophie Prévost (LATTICE). ALMAnaCH members are associated with Paris-Diderot’s LLF for this project. Topic: modelling and analysis of Medieval French

ANR TIME-US (2016-2019). PI: Manuela Martini (LARHRA). ALMAnaCH members are associated with Paris-Diderot’s CEDREF for this project. Topic: Digital study of remuneration and time budget textile trades in XVIIIth and XIXth century France

Other national projects

LabEx EFL (2010-2019). PI: Christian Puech (HTL, Paris 3, Sorbonne Paris Cité). Topic: empirical foundations of linguistics, including computational linguistics and natural language processing.  ALMAnaCH’s predecessor team ALPAGE was one of the partner teams of this LabEx, which gathers a dozen of teams within and around Paris whose research interests include one aspects of linguistics or more. Several ALMAnaCH members are now “individual members” of the LabEx EFL. B. Sagot serves as deputy head (and former head) of one of the scientific strands of the LabEx, namely strand 6 dedicated to language resources. Benoît Sagot and D; Seddah are (co-)heads of a number of scientific “operations” within strands 6, 5 (“computational semantic analysis”) and 2 (“experimental grammar”). Main collaborations are related to language resource development (strands 5 and 6), syntactic and semantic parsing (strand 5, especially with LIPN [CNRS and U. Paris 13]) and computational morphology (strands 2 and 6, especially with CRLAO [CNRS and Inalco] and LLF [CNRS and Paris-Diderot]).

National collaborations

Pre-GDR Lilt

TGIR Huma-Num: ALMAnaCH is a member of the CORLI consortium on “corpora, languages and interactions” (B. Sagot is a member of the consortium’s board).

European projects

H2020 Parthenos (2015-2019). PI: Franco Niccolucci (University of Florence). L. Romary is a work package coordinator. Topic: strengthening the cohesion of research in the broad sector of Linguistic Studies, Humanities, Cultural Heritage, History, Archaeology and related fields through a thematic cluster of European Research Infrastructures, integrating initiatives, e-infrastructures and other world-class infrastructures, and building bridges between different, although tightly interrelated, fields.

H2020 EHRI “European Holocaust Research Infrastructure” (2015-2019). PI: Conny Kristel (NIOD-KNAW, NL). L. Romary is task leader. Topic: transform archival research on the Holocaust, by providing methods and tools to integrate and provide access to a wide variety of archival content.

H2020 Iperion CH (2015-2019). PI: Luca Pezzati [CNR, IT]. L. Romary is task leader. Topic: coordinating infrastructural activities in the cultural heritage domain.

ERIC DARIAH “Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities” (set up as a consortium of states, 2014-2034; L. Romary is a former president of the board of director. Topic: coordinating Digital Humanities infrastructure activities in Europe (17 partners, 5 associated partners).

COST enCollect (2017-2020), PI: Lionel Nicolas (European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano). Topic: combining language learning and crowdsourcing for developing language teaching materials and more generic language resources for NLP

International projects

PHC Maïmonide (2018-2019, PI Djamé Seddah, co-PI Yoav Goldberg [Bar Ilan University]). Topic: Building NLP resources for analyzing reactions to major events in Hebrew and French social media.

ANR-NSF project MCM-NL (2016-2020). PI: John Hale (Cornell University, USA). Local head: É. de La Clergerie. Topic: exploring correlations between data from neuro-imagery (fMRI, EEG) and data from NLP tools (mostly parsers). The data will come from “Le Petit Prince” read in French and English, and parsed with different parsers. Other partners: Cornell Univ., Univ. Michigan, Paris Saclay/Neurospin,  Univ. Paris 8.

Past projects

DGE/DGA RAPID VerDI (2015-2018). PI: company Trooclick. Topic: automatic identification of information concealment on internet.

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