Olivier Zahm

Research scientist at Inria

Short bio:

  • 2018-now: Research scientist (chargé de recherche) at Inria-Grenoble in the AIRSEA team.
  • 2015-2018: Postdoctoral associate at MIT in the UQGroup.
  • 2012-2015: Ph.D. at École Centrale Nantes.
  • 2008-2012: Bachelor and Master program at École Normale Supérieure Cachan.


(link to the group meeting)


  1. Daniele Bigoni, Olivier Zahm, Alessio Spantini, Youssef Marzouk
    Greedy inference with layers of lazy map, preprint 2019. arXiv
  2. Rémi Lam, Olivier Zahm, Youssef Marzouk and Karen Willcox
    Multifidelity Dimension Reduction via Active Subspaces, preprint 2018. arXiv.
  3. Kathrin Smetana, Olivier Zahm and Anthony T. Patera
    Randomized residual-based error estimators for parametrized equations, SIAM-SISC, 41(2), p. A900–A926, 2019. link, arXiv.
  4. Olivier Zahm, Tiangang Cui, Kody Law, Alessio Spantini and Youssef Marzouk
    Certified dimension reduction in nonlinear Bayesian inverse problems, preprint 2018. arXiv
  5. Olivier Zahm, Paul Constantine, Clémentine Prieur and Youssef Marzouk
    Gradient-based dimension reduction of multivariate vector-valued functions, preprint 2018. arXiv.
  6. Weiqi Ji, Jiaxing Wang, Olivier Zahm, Youssef Marzouk, Bin Yang, Zhuyin Ren and Chung K. Law
    Shared low-dimensional subspaces for propagating kinetic uncertainty to multiple outputs, Combustion and Flame, Volume 190, p. 146-157, 2017. link.
  7. Olivier Zahm, Marie Billaud-Friess and Anthony Nouy
    Projection based model order reduction methods for the estimation of vector-valued variables of interest, SIAM-SISC 39(4), p. A1647-A1674, 2015. link, arXiv.
  8. Olivier Zahm and Anthony Nouy
    Interpolation of inverse operators for preconditioning parameter-dependent equations, SIAM-SISC, 38(2), p. A1044-A107, 2016. link, arXiv.
  9. Paul Cazeaux and Olivier Zahm
    A fast boundary element method for the solution of periodic many-inclusion problems via hierarchical matrix techniques, ESAIM:Proc, Vol. 48, p. 156-168, 2015. link.
  10. Marie Billaud-Friess, Anthony Nouy and Olivier Zahm
    A tensor approximation method based on ideal minimal residual formulations for the solution of high-dimensional problems, ESAIM: M2AN 48, p. 1777-1806, 2014. link, arXiv.

PhD thesis (supervisor: Anthony Nouy and Marie Billaud-Freiss):

Model order reduction methods for parameter-dependent equations: Applications in Uncertainty Quantification, 2015. link.

Teaching: “Model Exploration for Approximation of Complex, High-Dimensional Problems” (SIAM)

  • Lecture notes on Projection-based Model order reduction (link).
  • Practical session (link)
  • Introduction to sensitivity analysis (slides)
  • Generalized indices Active Subspaces (slides)
  • PBMOR: exercices (link)
  • Kriging (slides)

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