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Explaining Influenza polymerase structure.


Timothée O’Donnell

PhD Student since 01/10/2018

Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée
2004, route des Lucioles – BP93
06902 Sophia Antipolis

Office: Y312

E-mail: timothee.o-donnell@inria.fr
Phone:  (+33) 4 92 38 79 73




This PhD is supervised by Doctor Frédéric Cazals at Inria Sophia Antipolis in team ABS, and Doctor Bernard Delmas at INRA Jouy-en-Josas team Virus Influenza.


Modeling the influenza polymerase: methods and applications

The aim is first to develop novel move sets allowing for a more efficient exploration of energy landscape making it feasible for large macromolecules.




The focus will then be put on applying these novel move set on exploring the conformation space of the influenza polymerase otherwise known as flupol. The purpose of this part is to compute a list of stable conformations as target candidates for VHH also called nanobodies.